Banglalink Digital Communication is a wolly owned subsidiary of telecom venture limited. Previously it was orascom telecom venture limited of malta; which is owned by Global telecom Holding. Banglalink Digital communication is in second position in Bangladesh after Grameenphone.As a survey of june 2013 Banglalink has 27 million subscriber of 25.7% market share whereas in December 2005 banglalink had 1.03 million connection. At the End of 2006 Banglalink user increased by 257% and stood at 3.64 million. That year Banglalink recorded as fastest growing operator in the world.

In August 2006 announced to provide free incoming calls from BTTB for both post pain and pre paid connection.




In 1989 in the rural areas of 199 upazilas sheba telecom pvt limited was obtained license and in 1996 they are obtained GSM license to extend their business to cellular mobile radio telephone service.In 1997 Banglalink launched operation under the brand name Sheba as a Bangladesh-Malaysia ceobanglalinkjoin venture company. Due to chronic feud between Malaysian and Bangladeshi partners sheba telecom had failed to rise the business growth in Bangladesh. In the main time in 2004 Egypt based orascom telecom had purchase the Malaysian stakes in sheba telecom through a quietness deal. Orascom telecom finalized of worth 25 million in secret.
Orascom telecom Holding has 100% of the share of sheba telecom limited in September 2004. In the time of sold shebatelecom had a base of 59000 user and them of 49000 were regular.
Sheba telecom Pvt limited has been changed it's name as orascom telecom Bangladesh Limited in March 2008 and in july 2013 Banglalink changed their company name as Banglalink Digital Communication Limited.



Banglalink has the second largest cellular network in Bangladesh with powerful network by 550 (approximately) BTS and 486 thanas and 61 districts coverage. Banglalink around covering total population of 90% till 2008 and late on Banglalink established their network on three hilly districts ( Banderbon, Kagrachori and Rangamati) with in very short time Banglalink covered the 64 District.
Siemens , Nokia and Hawaii provides technical support to Banglalink. The tower range of banglalink 5 to 9 Km in case some times its also varies to 13 to 15 Km. Banglalink has start their 1st technology with 1G and 2G and in the middle of 2013 they are launched 3G operation in Bangladesh. Banglalink has 1500 km of fiber optics cable which gives the stability of good network.