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Sunday, 01 February 2015 04:58

Mobile Phone Company

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Every day Mobile companies were planning to discover new mobile phones for their valuable customers. Now a days a lots of company are involve in this business. Now a days it is a very challenging business in the world . If we look back 10-12 years back we can realized how many company that time serve to make mobile phones but now  its increased like a seed in the field.

All mobile companies are not making same quality phone, some are good for both price and qualities and some are less from both side. We know some good brand in this sectors like Nokia, Samsung, Apple, Sony, HTC , Motorola and many more phones are  always making good qualities phones. But their price also high compare to less quality manufacturer.

In the next upcoming years I think less quality phone manufacturers will make quality phone because of availability of raw materials and upgrading modern science. Can we imagine few years back that we can buy a smart phone only @5000 BDT or USD 100. Yes this is the up gradation of modern science.  

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