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Around the world many people using almost all brands smartphones. Different brands of smartphones have different operating systems. However, the operating system of China-based smartphones is almost the same. Many people are buying smartphones from fancy design. Most of smartphone users don't even know how to use a smartphone to get better results than normal use. Lets see few suggestions that could gives you better user experience while using any smartphones.

Update: 'Update' means adding new features to the phone. And, with firmware updates, each device has more and less capability, besides smartphones. You may not notice that change at times, but it is important to update the firmware firmware to get rid of many such errors.

Reset the smartphone: Reset your used smartphone occasionally. So your smartphone setting will be set up again and it will be returned again by losing any options. Factory reset will erase all information about your smart phone, so if you need to reset it, you can save your information to different ones.

Check storage: Every smartphone has the amount of storage capacity prescribed. When this capacitance is complete, the speed of the phone decreases. For this reason, you can occasionally transfer unused games, applications, and media files to your phone in external memory. This will increase the speed of your phone.

Uninstall unnecessary applications: Many times we unknowingly installed many apps from Facebook Promotion or Google-Play Store. If more than one app is installed, then the smartphone and the storage are blocked in more than two. The more RAM you can keep, the more your smartphone will be free and the speed will be more. For this reason, unplugged apps can be removed very quickly.

Restart the smart phone: Normally we restart the desktop or laptop using it. This restart brings back the speed of the desktop or laptop. If you use the same method of smartphones, then you can get a lot of speed. Although, this trick is a temporal option, it does work quite well.