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The budget will encourage to increase mobile phone production

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The proposed budget will accelerate the development of the country's hardware and software industries, said the country experts. If the proposed budget is implemented, it will be helpful for the manufacturing industry at all levels including motherboard, display, housing and casing, battery, charger, and airphone, at the local level. As a result, domestic investment in this sector will increase, as well foreign dependence will be reduced and employment vacancy will be created.
On Thursday, Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith presented several suggestions to encourage local mobile phone manufacturing activities in his budget speech. Of this, a separate notification was issued with the exemption of surcharge on mobile phone production, imposing 2 percent surcharge on the import of the phone, import of 15 percent duty on import of batteries and chargers, and VAT exemption facility at the production stage of the country.
The Finance Minister's proposed budget is welcomed by the manufacturers of indigenous mobile phone manufacturing industry. They are considered to be helpful for the proposed budget domestic technology production industry. They said the government has adopted a suitable policy in this regard even though it is late. Priority in the technology sector is now demanding time. This will result in the development of hardware and software industries in the country.
Mohammed Shahabuddin (ACS), Secretary-General of Computer and Mobile Manufacturers and Exporters Association of Bangladesh (Proposed), said, "The development of information technology is very important for mobile phones. The proposed budget will be very helpful for the domestic mobile manufacturing industry, the way to develop hi-tech industry will be accessible. With the facility of VAT exemption at the production stage of the mobile handset in the country, the finance minister has proposed to issue a separate notification, if implemented, all kinds of accessories including motherboard, display, housing and casing, battery, charger, and airphone will be helpful for the production industry.
According to the concerned, it will act as an incentive, especially for mobile phone manufacturers. As a result, local and foreign entrepreneurs will be interested to invest in the production of domestic IT products. Digitalization speed will be faster in the country. The large foreign currency will be saved when the country is producing information technology. Employment opportunities and Skilled workers will be created. Which will, in fact, bring the overall welfare of the nation and the nation.
The organizers said, if the proposed budget is implemented, the investment will be secured. In this sector, genuine producers will be created. Under the control of the country, strict control of the mobile phone and its spare parts can be made. There will be more hardware and software industries in the country. The marginal production cost of production technology will be reduced. Customers whose benefits will be available. In the case of industrialization, the growth of the productive industry will be accelerated. Towards the world, the country will move forward in the technology sector. According to them, the development of the country's high-tech manufacturing industry like mobile phone and ICT devices is now time to implement the vision of the government 'Vision 2021'.
Rajshahi university economics department chairman Professor Dr. KBM Mahbubur Rahman said that the increase in tariff for import of phone and import of battery and charger will increase the tariff of 15 percent in the country. And if the development of this industry will reduce unemployment. A large number of young people will be employed. If the mobile phone set is not imported it will have a positive effect on our economy. As a result, trained manpower will be developed for the development of technology sector.
Professor of Economics at the University of Chittagong. Md. Alauddin Mazumdar seems to be positive about the proposed mobile phone production industry. He said the budget proposals have discouraged mobile phone import. In addition, the real mobile phone manufacturing industry has been encouraged in the country. This is good for the country.

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