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walton mobile price

As a Bangladeshi brand, Walton has manufactured multi products such as smartphone, feature phone, Laptop, refrigerators, air condition, washing machine, and motorbike. In 1977 Walton was founded by S.M Nurul Alam as a trading business in Bangladesh. Presently, more then 20000+ employees working in this group company. Walton basically introduced in Bangladesh because of its mobile brand. Walton mobile manufacturer various kinds of smartphone based on public demand. Walton mobile makes both affordable price and price Smartphone for their valuable customers in Bangladesh. According to maximum sales ranking in 2015 Walton has placed the Third rank in Bangladesh. Monthly more than 150000 users in Bangladesh search Walton mobile in The most commonly used Walton mobile phones are Primo ZX, Primo ZX2 Mini, and the world most slimmest Primo X3. Walton mobile phone headquarters in jiban bima Bhavan (Level-3) Dhaka, Bangladesh. We publish every single brand-new smartphone and feature phone of Walton mobile by day-to-day or weekly basis. always stay with us for upcoming latest Walton mobile price or visit our Facebook page.

Walton Turning point:
Walton usually manufactures low-medium price android mobile phone. The android devices from this manufacturer is called the Primo series. This series is not only providing newest version of android devices at a very economical price but it is manufacturers fine quality display, camera, network etc. along with additional features like mobile safety and security, various sensors and so on. Therefore, they became the leading choice especially for the young generation, students or small them who can't afford to have a very higher price device do wish. But they may rise in. One more Bangladeshi market concentrated Symphony Mobile also focus on the same group of consumers in order to 2015, claimed the number 1 rank since few years. In 2014, the OK mobile brand has introduced its first mobile phone in the local market in mobile brand OK been introduced. Then there are also Micromax and Mobile etc. that are popular for cheap price smartphones in Bangladesh.

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