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Samsung mobile price

samsung mobile priceSamsung is one of the most popular public choice brands in Bangladesh.Samsung mobiles is not only a local brand it's also a multinational brand. Huge numbers of user available around the world. Samsung currently offers both medium and high price smartphone for their valuable Bangladeshi consumers. They also offer low price future phone for rough use. Due to reliability, great features, friendly user experience, innovative design, android operating system and affordable price Samsung mobile gained the top position in Bangladeshi smartphone market. As an international brand, Samsung is the second highest selling smartphone brand in Bangladesh after the Symphony smartphone manufacturer. In 2015 samsung mobiles has introduced their flagship Galaxy s6 series and Galaxy S6 edge. The most top rated samsung mobile series are, samsung galaxy for high-end smartphones, Galaxy Tab series for tablets and Galaxy Note series for tablets and phablets. Please stay with us for latest samsung mobile price and it's specification.

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Price: 28,900 TK
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Price: 44,900 TK
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Price: 6,690 TK
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